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Course Description

Culinary Arts is a two-year course of study offered to any student currently enrolled in any Region III sending school. It is also offered to home-school students in the districts of said schools.  Culinary Arts students study all aspects of the food service industry, and prepare for a successful career in the field. Safety and proficiency in food preparation and storage, equipment use, all cooking methods, service, menu planning and record keeping. This course is designed to build fundamental skills, and combines daily book work with hands-on kitchen practice. Students regularly work as part of team in a very real food service capacity. Culinary Arts students serve lunch to the entire Region III faculty daily.

Upon completion of this course, students are afforded the knowledge and skills to continue in postsecondary culinary education or to begin a successful career in food service.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this two year course students will be able to:

1. develop an understanding of the modern food service industry.

2. develop and demonstrate proficiency in workplace safety and sanitation.

3. identify and understand safe and proper use of food service tools and equipment.

4. develop and demonstrate basic cooking techniques in all aspects of the food service industry.

5. understand recipe formulation and execution.

6. acquire a thorough understanding of basic stocks and mother sauces.

7. understand and demonstrate the formulation of soups, both clear and cream.

8. readily recognize basic cuts of meat, poultry and seafood.

9. understand and perform proper cooking techniques of meat, poultry and seafood.

10. become familiar with vegetables, potatoes, and various other starches.

11. become proficient in the creation of salads and salad dressings.

12. develop a working knowledge of basic baking principles, and further broaden an understanding of systemic bakeshop production.

13. participate in, and constructively contribute to, live work situations in both frontend service and kitchen role.

Certificates/Licensing Opportunities:

1. National Restaurant Association ServSafe Certification

Dual Enrollment Opportunities:

1. Eastern Maine Community College

CUL 132 ServSafe 1 credit

CUL 141 Foodservice Management 3 credits

2. Central Maine Community College

CUA 121 Food preparation /Sanitation 3 credits

CUA 171 Nutrition and Food Quality 3 credits

3. Washington County community College

FDS 132 Sanitation and Safety 2 credits


Textbook: 2006 Culinary Essentials, Glencoe/Johnson & Wales University

Student Expectations

1. Culinary Arts Students shall comply with the rules and regulations set forth in the Northern Penobscot Tech Region III student handbook.

2. Culinary Arts Students will conduct themselves in class as they will be expected to in their future workplace. Personal attitude and conduct is noted daily by the instructor.

3. Impeccable personal hygiene is to be practiced at all times. Clean uniforms are provided.

4. Culinary students must maintain satisfactory marks and consult with the instructor to monitor grades.

5. Culinary Arts students are expected to come to class dressed properly. Things that are unacceptable are: Shorts, Open-Toed Shoes, Long Earrings, Artificial Nails, Torn or Ripped Clothing and Dirty or Soiled Clothes.

6. Region III students must understand that access to a Career and Technology Education is a right guaranteed by the State of Maine, but the choice to exercise that right falls on the student.

Evaluation and Grading

Students will be evaluated and graded daily in the following areas:

1. Professional Attributes 35%

2. Tests and Quizzes 25%

3. Practical/Kitchen Assignments 30%

4. Projects 10%

Culinary Arts 1 Culinary Arts 2

Introduction to the Foodservice Industry Industry Review

Safety & Sanitation Equipment Safety

Introduction to Small Hand Tools and Foodservice Equipment ServSafe Certification Program

Standardized Recipes Facility Maintenance/HACCP Applications

Introduction to Culinary Applications Foodservice Management/Cost Control

Introduction to Baking & Pastry Applications Culinary Nutrition and Menu Planning

Introduction to Customer Service Advanced Culinary Applications

Advanced Baking Applications/Desserts