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The Public Safety – Law Enforcement Program sets high standards and expectations with emphasis on: Professionalism, Discipline, Respect, Ethics, Integrity and Team Work.

You are encouraged to be sponsored by a local Public Safety Department and must be able to meet the physical demands of the program. Recommendations from both your guidance counselor and technical coordinator are required.

Students will receive instruction in:

–         Law Enforcement Careers

–         Law Enforcement Code of Ethics

–         Patrol Procedures and Tactics

–         Traffic Enforcement

–         Firearm Safety

–         Criminal Investigations

–         Effective Communications Skills

–         Incident Command System (ICS)

–         Interview and Interrogation

–         Accident Investigation I

–         Crime Prevention

–         Community Policing

Law Enforcement Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) “Drone” Training has been “added” to Northern Penobscot Tech Region III’s Law Enforcement (Public Safety Careers) Program. Students will receive instruction on the Laws, Regulations, Procedures, Documentation, Evidence Chain-Of-Custody, and Courtroom Testimony, regarding the use of UAS (Drones) in Law Enforcement. In-Progress Criminal Activity Surveillance (Daytime & Nighttime), Search & Rescue Operations, Overhead Crime Scene Photos & Video, Search Warrants, and Locating/Identify Possible Evidence will be some of the various topics covered.  Students will also participate in “Hands-On” Operational Training of a UAS (Drone) while under the direct supervision of their instructor.  For more information, please contact Timothy R. Peters, NPT Region III Law Enforcement (Public Safety Careers) Program Instructor at (207) 794-3004 ext. 219 or at



Students are given the opportunity to achieve:

  • (3) High School Credits are awarded for each year in the Public Safety program.
  • (3) College Credits through a “Concurrent Enrollment Agreement” with Central Maine Community College for CRJ-101 Introduction to Criminal Justicecmcc-logo
  • Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) 10-Hour Safety Certificate

OSHA logo

  • ME DOT Driving Dynamics/Safe Driving Certificate


  • American Heart Association (AHA) Healthcare Provider (CPR & First Aid) Certification


  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (Incident Command System & Active Shooter Courses)


  • National Rifle Association Firearm Safety Course






This course is held at Lincoln Facility in room 106.