Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)


As a Senior, there is a lot of pressure to “know what you want to do after high school,” however, many students do NOT!!

The CNA program at Region III will give you the opportunity to explore many different careers! Students will work with physical therapists, occupational therapists, doctors, nurses and more! You will have an opportunity to job shadow, as well as many opportunities to do community service (which looks great on a college application).

Reasons to take the CNA program

1. Make more than minimum wage! 

CNAs start at $9 – $12 per hour

2. Availability of jobs!

Jobs in the medical field are always available! Pick up any paper and you will see many opportunities that require your CNA or PSS.

3. Start working soon!

Students who take the CNA program may start applying for jobs as early as mid-March of the year they attend!

4. Be ahead of your class when you start college!

“In a nutshell, my first year of college was very easy for me because of the training I received at Region. Then again in our third year, when the clinical component started, many of my fellow students were really stressed to have to do clinical skills. Just talking to the patients was very hard for some of them.” -Courtney Caiaccia, a graduate of the Health Science Careers program and now a Registered Nurse

No matter what opportunity you choose, you will spend time in a real life setting, performing the skills you have been taught. You will also have opportunities to job shadow occupations of interest.

  • Colonial Health Care Nursing Facility
  • Cummings Nursing Home
  • Katahdin Nursing Home
  • Health Access Network
  • Penobscot Valley Hospital
  • Katahdin Valley Health Center
  • Millinocket Regional Hospital

YEAR 1 –

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) may work in a nursing home, hospital, home health or a traveling company. CNAs are also eligible to apply for a job as a Personal Support Specialist (PSS).

Medical Terminology – Students will have the opportunity to obtain 3 college credits in medical terminology. Instructor – Heidi Hale, CMAS, CAHI

CPR and First Aid – Provider level.

** Students are required to undergo a background check prior to admission into the program. **